Our Location: Proposals

Proposals for All (Proposals) is a large-scale project that will establish a sustainable, creative platform centered around art and experience along the rural Oregon coast in Neskowin.

Proposals will feature a destination sculpture park providing rural access to contemporary sculpture, installation, and land art on a former reimagined golf course along the wilds of the Oregon coast. An artist residency program will allow multi-disciplinary artists to collaborate and create in a natural setting of more than 30- acres of land. Walking trails along Hawk Creek and designated “green spaces” for art and community will be found throughout the community.

Proposals sprung from the desire to see the world proposed in different ways. How can we approach core necessities like art, connection, cuisine, music, comfort and dwellings collectively? What if there was an outlet to explore these connections and encourage a vibrant community that is constantly exploring and evolving? Proposals seeks to produce new ideas and in doing so foster a community centered around art, experience and escape.

Follow along with their journey and learn more at their website!