For Visitors

For Visitors


Proposals has parking on site for market customers, accessed via the entrance on Summit Road.  There are 2 spaces reserved for handicap parking.  Please follow the signs and directions from our volunteers!  We strongly urge market customers to use caution when crossing the highway.  We know that being across the highway isn’t as walkable from Neskowin village as our old location, but we think the benefits will be worth it.  We ask you to be patient with us as we work out the traffic flow, parking, and use patterns in the new location.

Payment & Programs

EBT/SNAP (Oregon Trail Card) and Double Up Food Bucks (DUFB)

Neskowin Farmers Market has a SNAP matching program.  Each week you visit the market, we’ll match the first $10 you withdraw from your SNAP card, usable for anything you can buy with SNAP benefits.  We also participate in the USDA’s Double Up Food Bucks (DUFB) program, giving you an additional $10 to spend on fresh produce when you use SNAP at market.  That gives you $20 extra every time you visit the market and use your SNAP card!

To use your SNAP card, visit the Market Information Booth located at the North East corner of the market.  Swipe your EBT card and receive tokens (plus your $10 match and $10 DUFB) usable throughout the market for SNAP eligible items. Vendors can not provide change.

There is no fee to transfer your SNAP benefits to market tokens, but they can only be used to buy items eligible for the SNAP program. You can find out more at the SNAP/Oregon Trail Card Website.

Farm Direct Nutrition (FDNP) Programs

FDNP checks (these are the $4 checks for seniors and WIC) can be spent only with authorized farmers who sell their own produce at the farmers market. The funds specifically designated for locally-produced fresh, unprocessed fruit and vegetables. The FDNP checks are good from June 1st through November 30th of the current year. You can find out more information at Oregon’s Farm Direct Nutrition Program.